Which workshops are available?

We try to focus on topics that help speeding up your organization.
Based on the topic it can be technical or organizational. Current topics are Microservices, Evolutionary Architecture, IoT strategy, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Migration, …

How many people can participate?

It depends on the workshop. If it is a technical workshop we keep the maximum at 8.  Keeping this number low allows us to really go in-depth on the topic with the participants.

I can’t participate at the specific date, when will you be giving the next one?

Give us a ping and we’ll see what we can do.

Can I suggest a topic?

Sure you can, however we only select topics we have dealt with in practice.
Drop us a mail and we’ll take a note of it.

Are drinks and lunch included?

If the workshop is a full day they definitely are. A brain can only work well when it doesn’t have to care about food, so drinks, snacks and lunch are all included.

What language is your workshop given in?

By default the workshops are presented in English. If all participants prefer Dutch, then it might be given in Dutch.

Can you keep me up to date when new workshops appear?

Sure, fill in this form.