Evolutionary Architecture

Yesterday we finished our workshop on Evolutionary Architecture. The input and discussions between the candidates were great and i was glad to see good feedback on the session. I’m putting the future workshops on hold as I’ll be focussing on working together with an awesome start-up the coming months on medical wearables. If you’re interested in doing one of the previous sessions (Microservices or Evolutionary Architecture) within your company let me know!

First session is a wrap!

The first workshop was a great success. 7 architects, Engineering coaches and senior engineers spent a full day focussing on various topics of distributed systems and Microservice architecture. Based on the feedback we were glad to see there was a lot of interest for future sessions. We already have 2 registrations if the same session would be given again. Thanks a lot for attending guys and see you soon!

2019, shifting gears

After working 14 years at one of the largest Media Companies in Europe I’m leaving the company freeing up more time to spend at the things that energise me most. So I’m saying the CTO role goodbye and the coming months I’ll be investigating in how to spend this time well. Two items that I’ll be focussing on at first is a workshop on Microservices and one on Evolutionary Architecture. Two items that have a Read more…

Mastering Evolutionary Architecture

Be one of the new generation of coding architects. This requires some important skills like doing Fitness Functions, coaching quality views to teams, communicating and writing ADR’s, using the right frameworks to get the right Quality Attribute Requirements and much more. You can learn these things in a new masterclass ‘Evolutionary Architecture’. Limited seats so register early!

Registrations are open!

You can now register for the Masterclass on Microservices. We’ll focus on the topics that are more difficult to crack in practice like contract driven testing, resiliency, service registries, messaging architectures and monitoring. Make sure you register in time, so you can reserve your seat. The first workshop will start January 29 in Antwerp.


This website contains the workshops given by Tim Bogaert. These workshops cover specific IT themes and how they can be mastered with a high focus on using them in the real world on a medium to large scale.